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Intuitive Structural 3D Display !

You can view the super real Human Body CG model at any angle.

This is the completely new medical educational application covering the musculoskeletal anatomy of head and neck.
A user can display any regions on the iPad with an easy operation.

This app is ideal for the medical/dental school students as the anatomical educational tool, the presentation for the patients at the clinical sites and also good for the test preparation.

For all of a medical doctor, dentist, nurse, careworker, dental hygienist, dental technician, medical student, dental student, nursing student, physical therapist and more.

Click here to start the movie.


The 3D view can
  1. Display the individual muscles in detail in semi-transparent mode.
  2. Display the overlapped parts one by one at any angle, which is not possible to be printed on the text-book.
  3. Describe the super real CG model made by the CT scanned skull.
Just by looking
The origin and insertion of the skeletal muscles can be easily observed and the positional relationship between the skeletal muscles and bones can also be understood.


Learn myology from basics

This app also includes the contents that a beginner can learn the myology from basics.

Even if you don’t know the full name of tissues, you can search it just by inputting the partial name.
 Over 100 tissues
This app provides more than 100 tissues including bone, muscle, ligament, articulation, membrane, cartilage, salivary gland, endocrine gland and amygdalae and displays the individual tissues and the surrounding tissues.
 Display functions by regions
Head, neck, dorsal and chest regions can be displayed individually. It helps to understand where the aimed anatomical structure is classified.
Rich exposition
The detailed expositions for each anatomical structures are included and help to understand the actions and functions of the parts.
A user also can enjoy the clipping memos produced under the supervision of a professor of the university.

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