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Basic Operation

Button / Icon definition

Observational procedure for tissues



■Start Menu
If you want to view the 3D CG models, please tap on this button.
After the loading, you can view the Musculoskeletal Anatomical Model as you like.

If you want to study the bask knowledge of myology, please tap on this button.
You can learn the basic knowledge of myology with the illustration.

General editer
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■Basic Operation

All selections can be done by tapping on the buttons or links on the screen.

You can make the model a 360 degree turn.
Place your finger on the desired potion, and move the finger up/down/right/left to rotate the model as you want to.

・Zoom《Pinch out, Pinch in》
You can zoom in/out the model with just two fingers.
(Pinch Out)The model is zoomed in by expanding the distance of two fingers and (Pinch In) is zoomed out by shortening the distance between two fingers at any size as you like.
・Frip a page《Drag》
Drag on the screen with the finger from right to left to flip the pages of the “basic knowledge of myology”.
You also can drag the finger from left to right to go back to the previous page.

・Character Input《Tap》
The search window is located at the very up and left side.
You can input the name of the tissues to search.
By tapping on the search window, the keyboard shows up automatically.
・List / expository writing《Drag》
The list and expository writing shown on the left side can be scrolled by dragging with the finger upward and downward.
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■Button / Icon definition
・Button Operation《Tap》
You can switch the display or flip a page by tapping on a button.
Go back to Previous List Home View Button
Set the model at initial position
Rotation Mode Parallel shift mode Return to the title screen
Go to Prof.Satoda's Note
(It is displayed only if there is a clipping memo of the professor.)
Move to the clipping data
Display the human model by tissues
Display the head and neck model by parts Search list & search window Display the model by groups Display the model by a single tissue Display the tissue with the surrounding tissues Display the model with origin and insertion
( A part/ All)
Display all tissues without the skin
Display all tissues with the skin
・List of icons
All anatomical structures are symbolized with the following icons in this application.
Bones Muscles Ligaments Glenoids Miscellaneous Cartilages Salivary glands Endocrine glands Tonsils

Separate tissue
Region of
Region of
Region of

Individual part
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■Observational procedure for tissues
・From the list
All anatomical structures are symbolized with the following icons in this application.
(Ex.)Display the Temporalis
Separate tissue
【Muscles】⇒【Muscles of head】⇒
【Masticatory muscles】⇒【Temporalis】
Individual part
【Regions of head】⇒【Muscles of head】⇒
【Masticatory muscles】⇒【Temporalis】
You can move to the upper level by tapping on the button (Show the Button oparation) located at the top of the list.
(Ex.)Go back to the initial list from the Temporalis.
【Temporalis】⇒【Masticatory muscles】⇒
【Muscles of head】⇒【Muscles】⇒Separate tissue
【Temporalis】⇒【Masticatory muscles】⇒
【Muscles of head】⇒【Regions of head】⇒Individual part
When you want to return the model at the original position, tap on the home view button(Show the Button oparation).
・From the search
You can display the exact tissue directly by choosing the name of tissue from the search list.
Please also refer to the search operation.
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Tap on the search button (show the Button oparation) to display the search list.
・Search from the list
Drag the list and then choose the name of anatomical structure or region where you want to see.
・Search for anatomical structures from the keyword
You can search by inputting the keyword in the search window (show theBasic) located at the upper portion of the search list. Tap on the search window and input the keyword.
The list of all tissues including the part of the keyword is displayed by inputting the part of the name of tissues.
・If you don’t know the name of anatomical structure
Please search it from the lists by the name of anatomical structure or regions, if you don’t know the name of anatomical structure.

If you know it only bone or muscle or ligament, then search it from the list by the name of anatomical structure.

If you know it is located somewhere in the cephalic region or cervical region, then search it from the list by regions.

Please find the aimed anatomical structure by narrowing down a search the every level.
Every anatomical structure has an explanation and unrelated anatomical structures are displayed in semi-translucent mode. You can find the aimed anatomical structure definitely.

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